Complimentary Showroom Consultation

McCallum Cabinets, Inc. invites you to our showroom for a free initial consultation to discuss your project and determine how we can best serve you. It also provides you the opportunity to see and touch our quality cabinetry in our showroom. Todays site unseen purchases in cabinetry has proven to be troubling for many consumers. Visiting the business to understand who you are really dealing with and physically seeing and feeling the product has become even more important. This sharing of information gives you a chance to gather insight and confidence in our commitment to serve you in your best interest. We do not look at just making a sale, we are dedicated to providing you with what serves you the best. We are factory direct so, why not see the factory to help realize how your best interest is aligned with ours. Our satisfied customers assures mutual success.

We suggest that you bring in as much information as possible. Don’t worry, if you do not have any of the items below and you are just beginning the process, we can assist you in the discovery and budgeting process with our free estimate service. ( We’ve been doing this for 40 years and it is still our passion ). However, if you do have any of these things it would be helpful. Items such as:

  • set of plans, if available

  • appliance ideas or selections

  • cabinet design ideas and pictures

  • any other items you feel that would help communicate effectively your project

McCallum Cabinets, Inc. offers 2 different levels of initial services we have found best to serve our clients specific project requirements. Free Estimate or Full Design Services. 

In preparation to your visit, we ask that you contact us to schedule a time for your arrival.